Solving the Hardest Problems in Healthcare

Our mission is to guide public and private healthcare leaders in solving the most complex problems in healthcare. We achieve this through objective research, deep expertise, and collaboratively bringing ideas into action.

Successfully navigating healthcare requires taking the right turn. ATI Advisory works at the hardest intersections in healthcare, helping businesses and policymakers reduce care complexity and costs, and improve the delivery of healthcare services.

All About ATI

Our Work Supports and Improves:

Managed Care Plans
Health Systems & Hospitals
Financial Services
Policy Leaders
PACE Organizations
States, Counties, & Other Government Agencies
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Take the Right Turn

Our trusted experts know the nuances at the junctions of:

payers + providers + patients

business + policy

medical + non-medical services

Medicare + Medicaid

facility + home


ATI’s experts guide decision-makers across the healthcare industry by providing research-backed insights and deep expertise. Our goal is to improve the health and well-being of everyone who interacts with your organization or agency.

The Time is Now

Healthcare is rapidly transforming and demanding more from systems, providers, and payers. As liability and payer models shift, innovative value-based payment and delivery systems are becoming the future of care. For public or private organizations, ATI provides actionable, data-based insights that help you enact transformative change and integrate with new and emerging pathways.

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