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ATI Insights on CMS’ Request for Information on the Medicare Advantage Program


As enrollment in Medicare Advantage continues to grow, policymakers seek ways to better understand the program and its ability to address disparities, improve outcomes, and ensure access to high-quality and person-centered care. On August 1, 2022, CMS released a Request for Information (RFI) on the Medicare Advantage program to solicit stakeholder insights and experiences. Reference the RFI here.


We compiled data insights relevant to key aspects of the Medicare Advantage RFI, to assist respondents with understanding underlying attributes of the Medicare Advantage program and the individuals it serves. These insights are collated into a tool that explores key data on topics ranging from supplemental benefits and special needs plans (SNPs) to Medicare-Medicaid integration, state trends, and the demographics of Medicare Advantage enrollees.


Ensuring Medicare Advantage meets the diverse and changing needs of the Medicare population is critical. As a result of its risk-bearing infrastructure, Medicare Advantage is positioned to integrate and coordinate services in ways that are not possible in a fee-for-service environment. We are encouraged by CMS’ interest in approaches to further improve the program.

For information on how ATI might help you with efforts related to Medicare Advantage, contact us at info@atiadvisory.com.

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