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Needs of Medicare Beneficiaries with Mental Health Conditions


A third of Medicare beneficiaries experience a mental health condition. While providing access to high-quality behavioral health care is critical for meeting the needs of the growing Medicare population, that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Beneficiaries with mental health conditions also experience high rates of clinical comorbidities and polypharmacy and are more likely to have functional long-term care needs like requiring support for housework or mobility. Furthermore, beneficiaries with serious mental illness are significantly more likely to face both economic and food insecurity.


This snapshot analysis explores the diverse needs of Medicare beneficiaries that stakeholders and policymakers should consider when developing behavioral health care programs and policies. ATI Advisory looks forward to supporting innovators in this space with original research and practical solutions.


Ensuring accessible, equitable, and integrated care for beneficiaries with mental health conditions requires a whole-person approach. Recent bipartisan congressional interest in the behavioral health space signals that change is both necessary and coming.


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