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Profile of the California Medicare Population


Understanding the characteristics of California’s growing Medicare population is important for the state and its stakeholders to understand the needs of these beneficiaries and identify opportunities to support them.


ATI prepared this chartbook, Profile of the California Medicare Population, for the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) Office of Medicare Innovation and Integration (OMII) with support from The SCAN Foundation. The chartbook highlights California Medicare beneficiary demographics including age, sex, race, and ethnicity. It includes analyses of Medicare Advantage enrollment and dual eligible beneficiaries both statewide and by county.


States have an opportunity to move upstream in the care of their residents, but it requires investment in understanding the needs of the broader Medicare population, including, but not limited, to dual eligible beneficiaries. OMII is the first dedicated Medicare office within a state Medicaid agency focused on strategic research and program design for Medicare and dual eligible state residents. ATI is honored to be a part of the team supporting OMII as it lays the foundation for future work.

This first chartbook is intended to help stakeholders and policymakers understand the characteristics of beneficiaries, what programs they are enrolled in, and where they live, all to inform the development of policies and programs to best serve this population.

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