Approaches to Meet Behavioral Health Needs in Medicare Advantage

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AUTHOR – ATI Advisory

Ensuring the healthcare system is prepared to meet the behavioral health needs of Medicare beneficiaries is critical as research suggests psychological distress increased among older adults and low-income groups during the early days of the pandemic.

Recent Work


Advancing Non-Medical Supplemental Benefits in Medicare Advantage

Since 2019, ATI Advisory and the Long-Term Quality Alliance, with support from The SCAN Foundation, have led national efforts to advance person-centered, non-medical supplemental benefits in Medicare Advantage.
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What’s Next? Retaining the Successes of the Medicare-Medicaid Plan (MMP) Model

As CMS sunsets the MMP model, it will be important to preserve lessons that benefited stakeholders. CMS has authority to maintain MMP model attributes, and should preserve those that are in statute through a refined, innovative financial model.
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Family Caregiver Considerations for the Future of Hospital at Home Programs

Family caregivers are critical to Hospital at Home programs’ success, yet current programs do not account for their needs. Inclusive and supportive policies will allow these new programs to truly meet the needs of both family caregivers and patients.
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