Leadership Insights: A Conversation on the Year Ahead

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On December 12, 2023, ATI Advisory founder and CEO Anne Tumlinson hosted the webinar “Leadership Insights: A Conversation on the Year Ahead” with Dan Mendelson, CEO of Morgan Health. During this conversation, Tumlinson and Mendelson discussed changes and investments they expect to see in healthcare in 2024. 

Value-Based Care, Enhanced Primary Care, and Retail Health 

Tumlinson and Mendelson discussed what providers, plans, and employers can expect in value-based care (VBC) in the coming years. A big part of VBC is enhanced primary care, and there are more partnerships in non-traditional markets with non-traditional healthcare organizations. Some primary care groups remain attached to a fee-for-service model, but increasing pressures may spur providers to seek more on-ramps to VBC opportunities.

Prescription Drug Pricing

Tumlinson and Mendelson also touched on prescription drug pricing – an issue that affects both patients and payers. Alongside remarkable numbers about Medicare savings from drug negotiations, there have been a handful of arguments around R&D. Mendelson discussed this issue, as well as factors which employers may consider in drug reimbursement determinations.

Opportunities for Innovation in Employer-Sponsored Insurance

Mendelson spoke about Morgan Health’s focus in the upcoming year. He noted that while 160 million consumers receive insurance through their employers, employer-sponsored insurance sees significantly less innovation than Medicare and Medicaid; value-based care is generally deprioritized and health inequities persist. His team’s upcoming priorities include:  ensuring an outstanding primary care experience for consumers; coordinating wellness with pharmaceutical spending; enhancing financial efficiency with site neutrality / home-based care; stepping into the chronically underserved women’s health market; and leveraging data to drive better care with analytics and AI. 

AI in Healthcare

Tumlinson and Mendelson also discussed the risks and opportunities of the increasing use of AI in healthcare. Artificial intelligence provides unprecedented efficiency during healthcare’s transition into the digital space; however, ensuring it will not perpetuate systemic inequities in doing so is an enormous challenge and responsibility.

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By participating in our webinar series, you’ll not only stay well-informed about the ever-evolving healthcare landscape but also have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with experts and peers. Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of the conversation and register today for our next webinar as we continue to explore critical topics shaping the future of healthcare.

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