Every organization serving frail older adults can claim its place and make a difference in the healthcare and aging services delivery system of the future. We are expert in all of the public programs and initiatives driving change. These include Medicare Advantage (PACE, special needs plans), bundled payment, accountable care organizations, hospital value-based purchasing, hospital readmission reduction program, and more.

Our work includes data analysis, strategy, policy analysis and development, research, product and program development, and marketing/sales support. We employ a five-part value framework to support a wide variety of private and public organizations innovating aging care delivery.

  1. Create Value. You create value when you reduce ER use, hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations; and when you help get patients from hospital to home along the most efficient, high value path. We bring the best ideas from around the country to your organization and push you to add value by innovating care processes, creating new clinical programs, and building bridges to coordinate care with other organizations. We will educate you about the alphabet soup of programs in effect in your markets, the incentives they create.
  1. Analyze Your Impact. It’s not enough to change organizational culture and innovate new programs and solutions. You have to be able to measure their impact and compare your performance to other organizations. We are expert in data sources, vendors and analysis; and can help you evaluate your own systems to determine the best way to assess your impact.
  1. Tell Your Story. The way you present your impact is important. We can help you create data displays and messaging that best conveys the value you add.
  1. Capture Value. Your ability to create value, analyze your impact and tell the story will drive volume and market share. But you may be able to capture additional value through risk arrangements such as gain sharing, shared risk and full risk. We can explain the options and help you assess which one is right for your organization.
  1. Advocate for Change. Sometimes public policy and new programs fail to support the goals of value-based care. We are available to help develop policy solutions and the analytic rationale you need to advocate successfully for improvements.

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