Anna Kaltenboeck

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Practice Director

Anna Kaltenboeck leads ATI's Prescription Drug Reimbursement Practice. She is a health economist whose work focuses on how federal and commercial reimbursement policies shape the market for prescription drugs and new health technologies.

Prior to joining ATI, Kaltenboeck was Senior Health Advisor on the Senate Committee on Finance, where she led on drug pricing issues, including Medicare negotiation and prescription drug reimbursement provisions. In her previous role as Program Director for the Center for Health Policy and Outcomes and the Drug Pricing Lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, she conducted research on policies to re-align payment for prescription drugs with evidence of their value and offer economic rewards for the creation of new treatments based on how much they improve patients’ lives.

Kaltenboeck provides federal and state-level technical assistance that is informed by her research and experience as a consultant specializing in pricing and market access for pharmaceutical products. She has advised states on providing Hepatitis C treatment through subscription-based contracts, and CMS on Medicare payments, pricing, and Part D redesign options.

Kaltenboeck received her undergraduate and master’s degrees in Economics from Tufts University, and her MBA from Yale University.