Bryan Stacy

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Chief Operating Officer

Bryan Stacy leads firm operations.

Prior to joining ATI, Stacy spent 13 years at Accenture as a talent strategy consultant helping Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies design environments for growth and performance. He earned his clients’ top accolades for workplace culture including “Crain’s Business Best Place to Work”.

After beating testicular cancer in 2012, Bryan developed a passion for advocating on behalf of more accessible healthcare. He left Accenture to start a digital health company focused on infectious disease. In 2021, his father-in-law suffered a massive stroke, when he got another front-row seat to the complexity of the US healthcare system. He exited his company shortly thereafter and joined ATI to continue his journey being involved in solving healthcare’s hardest problems.

Stacy received a BBA in Finance from the University of Iowa. He currently serves on the board of Kallimos, a company focused on intergenerational housing and community development.