Jonathan Amos

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Jonathan Amos conducts qualitative and quantitative research analyses to support ATI’s clients.

He uses his experience in health systems operations and six years of relevant health policy research to bring together the perspectives of clinicians, payers, and patients. Their expertise lies in health equity policy analysis and State Medicaid reform, particularly relating to social determinants of health, health-related social needs, and Section 1115 Demonstrations.

Prior to joining ATI, Amos managed COVID-19 specialty scheduling projects at Corewell Health, standing up new scheduling service lines and working with municipal and county leadership and nonprofit organizations serving underserved communities to promote equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccine. They additionally bring nearly a decade of LGBTQ+ community engagement and LGBTQ+ health policy expertise, having coordinated LGBTQ+ focus groups with local, on-the-ground community-based organizations, and developing expertise in the role of public programs in promoting equitable health care delivery for LGBTQ+ individuals. In particular, his research has focused on HIV prevention programs and services to support older LGBTQ+ adults as they age, with a focus on culturally competent care delivery, social supports, and social isolation.

Amos received a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Michigan where they studied health management and policy. Prior to this, Amos studied social relations and policy at Michigan State University.