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ATI understands the marketplace and the required capabilities and assets to be successful. This includes anticipating federal and state policy changes, market dynamics, and the implications and opportunities across programs, services, and new solutions. We match strategic goals, evolving market opportunities, and a rapidly changing landscape to ensure optimal portfolio planning and performance.

Our experts are essential partners to healthcare investors, diligence and transaction teams, and an ongoing advisor to portfolio companies.

Our Services

ATI Services for Healthcare Financial Services and Investors

Business Strategy & Policy

  • Healthcare financing and delivery system design
  • Emerging markets
  • Due diligence
  • Assumption generation and testing
  • Subject matter expertise oversight

Research & Analytics

  • Market sizing and expansion
  • Competitive analysis and insights
  • Emerging policy trends and implications
  • Payment and coverage details


  • Pharmaceutical market and supply chain
  • Medicaid solutions
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Value-based care strategy

By the Numbers

States are increasingly seeking innovative solutions and services to improve the experiences and contain cost growth 78M Medicaid recipients
With only 5M direct care workers and significant workforce challenges, payers are looking for new technologies and solutions to expand capacity
38M unpaid family caregivers provide 36B hours of care - demand for managed care solutions and state policy to support the unpaid workforce is higher than ever
Medicare Part D beneficiaries utilize 9 unique drugs on average

Research + Resources for Healthcare Financial Services

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