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ATI Helps PACE Expand in Our Communities

As the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) landscape rapidly expands, with growing interest from states and investors, state RFP processes are more competitive and prospective organizations must demonstrate significant knowledge and expertise in PACE to succeed.

Building and operating a PACE program is a significant undertaking and requires thoughtful preparation and guidance. From initial market evaluation to navigating complex RFP submissions, our experts provide end-to-end analysis and assistance to help your program succeed.

Our Services

ATI’s Services for PACE Organizations

Feasibility & Strategic Positioning

  • Demand modeling
  • Financial analysis
  • Market assessment
  • Organizational capabilities assessment

Startup & Expansion Assistance

  • State RFPs
  • CMS PACE and Part D application planning and development
  • Implementation and operations assistance


  • Analysis & Modeling
  • State and federal policy review and recommendation development

Innovation & Improvement

  • Evaluation of strategic scaling opportunities (e.g., Special Needs Plan)
  • Capabilities assessment
  • Partner identification and development
  • Continuing assistance on PACE operations

By the Numbers

PACE exists in 32 states and DC
PACE enrollment is just over 70,000 people

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